Institutes of Biblical Law by Rushdoony

All three volumes of this book written by Rushdoony is available online to read.Here are  the links-

Volume 1-

Volume 2-

Volume 3-

Book can be downloaded  in an android  phone via Scribd app-


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With tears in my heart

When we are in troubled situations,good poems can give us great comfort.My favourite Christian poet is Amy Carmichael.Recently I came across the poems of Gertrude Grace Sanborn.All her poems are compiled and available as a book titled “With tears in my heart“.

Here is a poem about Bible written by her:-

The Bible
Majestic, eternal, immutable Book,
Inspired, inerrant, complete.
The Light of my path as I walk on life’s way,
The Guide and the Lamp to my feet.
Its writings are holy and verbally true,
The unalterable Statute of Light,
For profit, for doctrine, for correction, reproof,
Infallible Guide to the right.
My Treasure, my Comfort, my Help, and my Stay,
Incomparable Measure and Rod,
Each page is replete with its textual proof,
The Bible, the exact WORD OF GOD!

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The Stone-Breaker

The stone-breaker blows upon the stone.Which blow breaks the stone?Is it the last blow or the first blow?or a blow in between?

Want to know the answer, visit

This blog( is maintained by me and one of my friends.Follow blog via email to get regular updates.


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The truest interest

When a trading company have obtained their charter they usually go to its utmost limits; and their stocks, their ships, their officers, and men are so chosen, and regulated, as to be likely to answer their purpose; but they do not stop here, for encouraged by the prospect of success, they use every effort, cast their bread upon the waters, cultivate friendship with every one from whose information they expect the least advantage. They cross the widest and most tempestuous seas, and encounter the most unfavourable climates; they introduce themselves into the most barbarous nations, and sometimes undergo the most affecting hardships; their minds continue in a state of anxiety, and suspence, and a longer delay than usual in the arrival of their vessels agitates them with a thousand changeful thoughts, and foreboding apprehensions, which continue till the rich returns are safe arrived in port. But why these fears? Whence all these disquietudes, and this labour? Is it not because their souls enter into the spirit of the project, and their happiness in a manner depends on its success?—Christians are a body whose truest interest lies in the exaltation of the Messiah’s kingdom. Their charter is very extensive, their encouragements exceeding great, and the returns promised infinitely superior to all the gains of the most lucrative fellowship. Let then every one in his station consider himself as bound to act with all his might, and in every possible way for God.

By William Carey from his famous work “An Enquiry”

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Bible Witness Media

Visit this website for Bible Witness Magazine,Webradio,Daily Devotions.

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Amy Carmichael and her writings

A new blog about the life and writings of Amy Carmichael.

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Learn to read an annual report of a company

All good companies publish their annual report in website.It can be downloaded.We can get lot of information from this document. Understanding annual report is the first step for an aspiring investor.

‘When asked how he became so successful in investing, Buffett answered: ‘we read hundreds and hundreds of annual reports every year.’

Please go through these videos made by Vishal Khandelwal(He is one of my favourite investment blogger-Visit his blog at

Reading an annual report Part 1

Reading an annual report Part 2

Understanding Balance Sheet

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