Book Review -How the Scots invented the modern world-Part 1

January 3, 2013 at 5:45 pm Leave a comment

I came to know about this book by Arthur Herman via Chetan Parikh(One among the top value investors in India) from his website recommends this book as a good read for investors.Review by him can be found here-

Every christian should also read this -as this book also talks about Scottish Reformation initiated by John Knox and Presbyterianism there.

I finished two chapters.Main things I learnt are:

1)George Buchanan and Samuel Rutherford advocated against monarchy and for limited government before John Locke.Their works “A dialogue concerning the rights of the crown in scotland” and “Lex Rex” testifies this.

2)Literacy paved the way for Scottish enlightenment.

3)Unification with England resulted in Free movement and trade.It ultimately helped Scotland.

4)First form of modern democracy can be traced back to the Scottish Presbyterian elder selection.

Will post the learnings from remaining chapters in coming posts. 



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