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With tears in my heart

When we are in troubled situations,good poems can give us great comfort.My favourite Christian poet is Amy Carmichael.Recently I came across the poems of Gertrude Grace Sanborn.All her poems are compiled and available as a book titled “With tears in my heart“.

Here is a poem about Bible written by her:-

The Bible
Majestic, eternal, immutable Book,
Inspired, inerrant, complete.
The Light of my path as I walk on life’s way,
The Guide and the Lamp to my feet.
Its writings are holy and verbally true,
The unalterable Statute of Light,
For profit, for doctrine, for correction, reproof,
Infallible Guide to the right.
My Treasure, my Comfort, my Help, and my Stay,
Incomparable Measure and Rod,
Each page is replete with its textual proof,
The Bible, the exact WORD OF GOD!

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